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The power of CX in Romania

CX Conference Bucharest 2023 brought together over 230 industry experts, top managers, and CX leaders. We’ve presented the Romanian CX Maturity Study results, the first-ever Customer Experience Assessment in our country, that explored the 6 pillars of the CX Roadmap.

CX Strategy

CX Culture

Customer journey

Employee Journey

Voice of Customers

CX Technology

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Ian Golding, CX Conference speaker
Ian Golding, a renowned CCXP-certified consultant, empowers top companies with strategic guidance on CX, measurement, improvement, and employee advocacy. With extensive expertise spanning retail, finance, logistics, telecoms, and pharmaceuticals, Ian has globally implemented effective CX tools and methodologies. He also offers comprehensive training and mentoring, supporting CX professionals in attaining their CCXP accreditation.


Faran Niaz, CX Conference Speaker
Faran Niaz revolutionises Customer Experience, helping businesses achieve success. With 25 years of hands-on expertise, Faran excels in Agile and Journey mapping, adapting to remote work, and enabling global competitiveness. His achievements include propelling a bank from 23rd to No.1 in CX within 4 years, maintaining the top position for 7 consecutive years.

Founder & CEO

Mohamed Latib has been involved in CX work for over 35 years designing CX workshops, leadership development, and cultural transformation. He has developed workshops and provided strategic consulting for such brands as Kohl’s, The World Health Organization, Fossil, TransUnion, The World Bank, Project Management Institute, Citi Bank, Crowe, Singapore Post, Malaysia Telekom, Reliant Energy, Konica Minolta, and many others.


Alina Dimbean, CX Conference speaker
Alina Dimbean leads E.ON Romania Group's CX Team, employing Design Thinking and Agile methods to enhance customer journeys and experiences. With over 10 years of experience, she fosters cross-functional collaboration, driving cultural transformation for a customer-centric company. Alina's efforts have resulted in improved CX for both B2C and B2B segments at E.ON Romania.

Customer Excellence Director


Madalina Uceanu, CX Conference speaker
With 25+ years of HR experience, Madalina specialises in headhunting and career advisory for C-level professionals. She provides HR consultancy and development programs for multinational & entrepreneurial organizations. In 2009, she launched Portal HR, a valuable resource of people management information. Her HR boutique, Career Advisor, has a team of 10 consultants and recently expanded also on Tech hunting, currently managing complex IT talent acquisition projects in Romania and Europe.



Viorel Voicu, CX Conference speaker
With 8 years in CX and 5 in Customer Operations, Viorel Voicu designs purposeful narratives and meaningful experiences. Understanding customer needs, values, and emotions, he builds lasting partnerships. With broad CX expertise in Telecom, Tobacco, and Banking, Viorel currently contributes at OTP Bank Romania, delivering exceptional brand experiences that exceed expectations.

Deputy Director Brand Marketing

&  Customer Experience

Andreea Coca, CX Conference speaker
Andreea Coca is a CCXP and Chartered Marketer passionate about every aspect of CX. Her background includes market research and research integration, CX consulting and training. She is coordinating a team that in the 2.5 years has steadily grown from only herself to an additional 8 members. In addition, she facilitates CX courses and workshops in partnership with Institutul de Marketing.

Customer Experience

& Quality Manager

Ana Iorga, CX Conference speaker
Ana Iorga, a Medical Doctor with PhD in Consumer Neuroscience, and MBA in Marketing & Finance, is an expert in consumer neuroscience and behavioural sciences. She has extensive expertise in the world of design, communication and branding for diverse industries. She holds a CCXP Certification and, as the Chair of CXPA’s European Council, she is actively involved in expanding CX across Europe.

CEO and Chief Neuroscientist


With a strong background as a medical professional, Natalia Sturza has made it her life's mission to address the gaps in the healthcare system and meet the genuine needs of patients. Today, Natalia Sturza holds the position of CEO at Felicia Healthcare Group, the second-largest pharmaceutical distributor in Moldova, commanding a market share of more than 25%. Natalia's tireless dedication to the healthcare sector, coupled with her visionary leadership, has positioned her as a driving force in the industry, catalysing positive changes and innovation in the pursuit of healthier communities.



An essential role within modern organisations is held by the Head of the Control and Audit Department. This position occupies a central place in ensuring compliance, transparency, and operational efficiency within the organisation. Vera plays a crucial role in the organisation's governance and assists in safeguarding the organisation's assets and reputation. Her role contributes to establishing a solid foundation for sustainable business development.

Head of  Control

& Audit Department

Julia Novacescu has over 16 years of experience in the field of Customer Satisfaction in both the Auto and Retail industries. Within Hyundai Motor Europe she coordinates the activity of Customer Experience from 25 countries in Eastern and Western Europe, ensuring an exceptional service and sales experience for Hyundai customers.

CX Operations Lead


With 20 years of experience in the field of Organisational Culture and Values Development, Iuliana Stan specialises in diagnosing and consulting on the implementation of Constructive Cultures in Romanian organisations. As a prolific author, she is writing books and articles on organisational culture, professional development, and business philosophy. She wrote the first research on the Culture of Romanian Organizations, conducted and published in 2008-2009, encompassing 150 organisations. Additionally, she is the first author of the National Leadership Impact Research, conducted and published in 2011, involving 107 top leaders from prominent Romanian organisations.

Organisational Culture Consultant &

Managing Partner

Dragos Gherman is a business-oriented retail professional passionate about improving the performance and satisfaction of retail employees and customers. He implemented strategies and new procedures and tools aimed to efficiently gather and manage customer feedback to ensure client satisfaction and a consistent experience across all Jysk stores. He is responsible for designing and delivering various employee development training. He regularly follows up with the stores in his region and provides feedback and coaching to his colleagues.

Retail Store Supporter


After 12 years of working in the company and pharma industry, Alice Orasan took advantage of the opportunity to join Dr.Max Group and work on their global strategy, as Group Operations Project Manager. While focusing on customer centricity by incorporating new technologies, digitalisation and platforms, for both staff and customers, she ensures that all teams work effectively to offer the best Care and Customer Experience.

Group Operations Project Manager


Tomas Rosputinsky, the mastermind behind Slovakia's top advertising agency, THIS IS LOCCO, is revolutionising the world of CX and EX management. With over a decade of expertise, he's now the CEO of Staffino, a rapidly growing Experience Management platform that empowers industry giants to achieve customer and employee experience excellence.

Co-Founder & CEO


Alin Rosca began his entrepreneurial journey 10 years ago. He has founded and co-founded several startups in Romania and the UK, showcasing his knack for identifying business opportunities and transforming ideas into businesses. By leveraging his sales and people management expertise, he evolved RepsMate from a mere concept into a fully-fledged company with a team of 20 employees and contracts with enterprise organisations in the CEE Region.

Co-Founder & CEO


Valentin Radu is the mind behind the CVO movement: he launched the CVO Academy with prominent professors and practitioners who teach people how to achieve sustainable growth by understanding and caring about their customers, and he is the author of The CLV Revolution - a practical guide to companies willing to transform themselves thanks to customer value optimization. His current company, Omniconvert, provides growth solutions to hundreds of retail companies like Decathlon, Tempur, and Orange.



Gabriela Ciupitu, CX Conference speaker
Gabriela Ciupitu is ranked #2 in the Top CX Influencers in the World, according to Customer Experience Magazine. With 17+ years in multinationals and entrepreneurship, she helps businesses in Romania and SEE implement customer-centric strategies. As a CCXP and co-author of "Customer Experience 4," Gabriela's recognized approach extends to international organisations, including the Customer Institute board.



Adrian Lipolit, CX Conference speaker
Adrian Lipolit, with 30+ years of experience in multinational companies, entrepreneurship, and consultancy in Romania and SEE, prioritises outstanding customer, employee, and partner experiences. He actively contributes to the European Customer Experience Organisation and serves on the European Customer Centricity Awards judging team. With Gabriela Ciupitu, Adrian created the Romanian CX Professionals Community. Join the conference and discover valuable knowledge and practical solutions to enhance customer and employee relations.




Aurelian Ciocan, CX Conference Host

Aurelian Ciocan  is known in the television and radio industry for delivering public speaking and diction courses for over 15 years to the largest television networks and corporations in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.
He is referred to as the diction teacher of television celebrities, as his portfolio includes 25 television stations and radio channels.


CX Best Practices in Romania

ADRIAN LIPOLIT, Customer Experience Romania


ANDREEA COCA, Pluxee a Sodexo Company

ANA IORGA, PhD, Buyer Brain


GABRIELA CIUPITU, Customer Experience Romania

Gain insights into the best practices in CX in Romania and how a dedicated CX department can bring significant advantages to business.

Customer Centric Culture and Employee Experience


NATALIA STURZA, Felicia Healthcare Group

IULIANA STAN, Human Synergistics Romania

Find out the image of customer-centric culture within Romanian companies and how to create exceptional employee experiences.

CX Maturity Study in Romania

GABRIELA CIUPITU, Customer Experience Romania

ADRIAN LIPOLIT, Customer Experience Romania

Discover the exclusive findings from Romania’s first and only Customer Experience Assessment (CX Strategy, Customer-Centric Culture and CX Governance, Employee Journey, Customer Journey, Voice of Customer,  and Processes and Technologies).


CX Transformation Model for
Business Success


Find out a transformation model (a seven-step framework ) to facilitate the development of customer and employee centricity to achieve business success.

ROX - Return on Experience


Explore the benefits companies gain from delivering outstanding customer experiences, including financial, operational, image, and brand.

CX Strategy & Leadership Involvement

IAN GOLDING, Customer Experience Consultancy

Understand how setting up the right CX strategy and earning leaders’ buy-in drives organisational transformation.


Digital Experience




VALENTIN RADU, Omniconvert

Discover the role of technology in the customer journey and how it can enhance internal processes and provide fast, personalised customer support.

Customer Persona - first step to the customer journey


Understand why and how creating customer personas helps your business understand your target audience and their usage of your products or services.

Customer Journey Management

IAN GOLDING, Customer Experience Consultancy

GABRIELA CIUPITU, Customer Experience Romania

Explore how Customer Journey Management focuses on continuous improvement, aligns with customer feedback, it gives your business a competitive advantage.

Voice of Customers

ADRIAN LIPOLIT, Customer Experience Romania

JULIA NOVACESCU, PhD, Hyundai Motor Europe



Learn how to effectively collect feedback through various channels and use it to shape your company’s strategy, processes, digitalization, and organisational culture.

CX Team & Governance

ADRIAN LIPOLIT, Customer Experience Romania

VERA BUCUCI, Felicia Healthcare Group


JULIA NOVACESCU, PhD, Hyundai Motor Europe

Discover how different types of CX Team and Governance are essential for any business that aims to remain relevant and competitive, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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